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Advertising and Interactive Services
Why advertise with us? We serve about six to eight thousand readers each week with about 50,000 to 60,000 page views1. No other publication serves this neighborhood oriented Seattle community.

Getting Started

All forms of advertising start with registration as a member of the site. Follow the sign-in link on any page. Fill out a simple form, then check your email for a confirmation message and respond to it.

Once your membership is active, your personal profile will contain a link to our directory and other advertising services; look for the Features link in your profile's control bar.

Find the Directory Listing information and follow the simple instructions. We offer both basic and enhanced listings.

Screen shot of directory.
Categorical listings include link to additional directory content, specials, or your own website. You control content and linking with easy browser controls.
Screen shot of directory brochure.
Directory "brochure" (full page presentation). Includes user-editable content updating.

Online Communication Services:
It's not just advertising any more!

It's easy to reach our thousands of weekly readers. Unlike traditional advertising, our communication tools turn your ad into a two way communication between you and your potential customer with contact forms to start the dialog and focused content and coupons to bring people to your site or your business. Check our services and rates.
  • Start with a directory listing (all advertisers appear in the Directory); include a link to your site.
  • Add a display page - tailor your message to our marketplace.
  • No website? We can help there, too.
National account inquiries are welcome.

Consider the Options

Fully interactive online advertising and communication services include our business directory, online brochures, inquiry and online sales forms, employment, classifieds, banners, and complete custom web site design.


Many of our online services can be maintained by you, the advertiser, directly from your desktop, using only your web browser. You can change copy, graphics and inquiry forms using simple forms. This saves you money and lets you communicate with present and potential customers in "real time." Let us give the world a window to your sales desk.

Let us manage it for you

Complete design and publishing services are available to create a simple box, a basic web presence or a complete web site to articulate with your print ads -- all with a Puget Sound community feeling or a global perspective. No other publisher offers greater flexibility in targeting your message to our discrimininating Seattle and worldwide readers.

Advertising Formats

The Directory

Item/Description Setup Term Fee
Directory Listings. The Directory is a list of businesses and organizations, similar to your familiar  YELLOW PAGES . Readers can search the directory by category, keyword, name, etc. Each listing contains the name, phone(s), fax, email, URL, address and an 80 character motto, slogan or summary statement. The listing can link to an external site or to any of the following products.
  • Listings are free for zip codes 980 and 981 and/or the 206-425 area codes when you add your listing through the online form. Free listings expire after one year; log in before one year to extend your listing.
  • All advertisers have password access to keep contact data current (there is a charge to have our staff update your listing).
FREE/GRATIS when you create your own listing on line, or $29 when we create your listing for you.
Presentation Upgrade. Three upgraded ads are positioned above each list of advertisers by category or by search. In addition, upgraded ads appear in enlarged type in mosts lists.
  • Increase your visibility in lists with large, bold text and a border.
  • Add text and a graphic to your brochure page.
n/a year $29.00
Brochure. Includes presentation upgrade, plus, your directory listing links to a full page on which you can place any content - text and graphics - of your choice. Use our simple interface to change your brochure at any time at no extra cost, or let our team do it for you (creative fees apply if we do the work). n/a year $79.00

You can create a directory listing on line at no charge. Upgraded and extended service is managed by our sales department. Click here to upgrade your listing or to arrange an interrelated ad package.

Banner Ads

Banner Placement. Banners have high visibility in several locations throughout the site. Banners are clickable to take the reader to an inline display ad/page or to another site of the client's choice. Most banners rotate with each reload of the page. We limit the number of banners in any location to give a high likelihood your ad will be seen during a typical visit. Rates in this section are for presentation only; artwork extra (or provide your own banner to our specification). All banners include a directory listing, coupon and one page display ad. With our Guaranteed Results program you pay only for what you get.
Formats. Banners are available in column and pagetop locations. Column banners are up to 180 wide X 144 high (pixels) and pagetop banners are approximately 468 X 60 pixels.
Plan A: Guaranteed Results. Pay only for what you use. Prepay any amount (min. $100) with a credit card, and we'll deduct one cent per impression plus a few cents (see prices) each time your banner is clicked. Your ad runs until your deposit is exhausted. Setup fee deducted from deposit. When your budget is nearing exhaustion, we will notify you, and you can recharge your account with a credit card. Discharged accounts go into inactive status; restart at any time within six months. You control your advertising budget!
Item/Description Deposit View Click
Rates. Rates decline sharply with larger deposit yielding a lower cost per click. Rates are subject to change at the end of any service period. A small discount applies to multiple ads. $100 $0.02 $0.20
$500 $0.01 $0.15
$1,000 $0.005 $0.10
Plan B: Monthly Rate. Pay a flat monthly rate. Get the same ease of use and visibility. Ad expires automatically at end of prepaid period. Rates start at $30/month plus $50 installation and vary with location on the site. Artwork is extra. Ask your representative for pricing.
Special Placement. Certain locations may be purchased for a fixed period by a single advertiser. The minimum term is three months; the maximum is six months. Ask your representative for pricing.

The Classifieds

This section is under revision. We're changing the Classifieds to serve you better. Dropping in a free, short-term ad will still be quick and easy. Soon you'll also be able to create an account that lets you create multiple ads without repeating all your contact information each time. Stay tuned!


Under revision. Use the Classifieds while this sentence appears.

Creative Services

Writing, editing, graphics... Includes related web linking and testing. Our web team can produce complex, comprehensive web sites associated with your ad, including sophisticated interactive tools like forms, polls, and databases.

All projects are individually quoted. Project rates (day, week, etc.) apply after four hours or as quoted.

Many web products include the use of our user-friendly online editing suites. Maintain your own content from your browser.

More about Online Brochures

An online brochure (display ad) is a good way to tell readers about selected goods and services that may be described in greater detail on your web site or that have special relevance for our readership. Your directory listing or banner can expand with a click to a display page in this space with text, graphics and an automated form that sends qualified leads directly to your email box. The display page can also link to the site(s) of the client's choice.

Design to suit: Your advertising space is essentially equal to this part of this page, that contains the advertising information. You will have password access to your ad space, so you can change text and graphics at any time. Custom features include coupon access and a place for a copy of any print ad you may have running in any publication (we're not jealous of your advertising; we just want you to succeed).

Let us help: Submit your own HTML text and graphics, or let us implement the ad to the your specification with any mix of text and graphics that can be accommodated within the dimensions of the frame. An optional convenience email address with forwarding to your actual point of receipt allows you to track the clients who find you via the display page.

A separate fee applies to design and artwork or if we must intervene to correct user errors; see Creative Services.

Lead times: Allow five business days for user-submitted content and approximately three weeks for design to specification.

If you don't have your own web site, we can also help with that. Ask your ad representative.


Periodic fees are payable in advance; usage charges billed monthly. (All prices USD.) Rates shown are for budgeting only and are subject to correction. Actual rates are individually quoted; as your ad representative for a quote on an advertising package and save money.

All web design, publication and hosting services provided by Clark Internet Publishing.
1. Traffic estimates based on our web logs. Low weeks represent missing data.
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